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ATS Tours & Travel, Inc. would like to say "thank you" for making us your first choice for Group Travel. My dedicated staff and I are in the business to help customize and coordinate all of your student travel needs. We have many student travel packages designed around our primary sponsor, Joyce Pennington's American Dance/Drill Team competitions, special performances, workshops, and summer dance camps.

Along with these and other Regional competitions, ATS Tours & Travel also features uniquely designed Dance Education Tours to Performing Arts Centers around the country such as to: New York City, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Washington, D.C. We also offer :Festivals and Performances at Sea" each year onboard the prestigious "Carnival" or "Royal Caribbean" Cruise Lines departing from Galveston, Miami, Tampa Bay, Port Canaveral and other port cities.

In addition, ATS Tours & Travel is versatile enough to develop student tours around a specific event or design custom tours with a particular theme to prime locations in the US, Caribbean, Mexico, Australia or anywhere around the world, just tell us where.

Your confidence and trust in us matters. ATS Tours & Travel will assist you with all aspects of your group travel such as: full sightseeing tours, meal planning; provide air or charter bus transportation, carefully selected accommodations coordinated with rehearsal and contest requirements in mind, and on most tours, an ATS Group Tour Representative will be on hand to assist you throughout your tour.

ATS Tours & Travel eagerly anticipates next year's competition season. May I personally invite you to give us a toll-free call or take a moment to review the web site. Let you relieve you of the stress travel planning can create by allowing us to do the work.


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David F. Fountain
ATS Tours & Travel, Inc.